Stars Like That [Poetry]

Stars Like That A star that God put on Earth Doesn’t always feel good,                                          Grounded on this turf. Gravity, reality, no time for fantasy. Feeling like you have to choose… But I have some good news, It’s not up to you to win or lose. God knows what He needs you toContinue reading “Stars Like That [Poetry]”

Hope and Faith – What’s The Difference?

Hope and Faith – Everyone knows these words. They are spoken by optimists everywhere who want you to look on the brighter side. Keeping “hope” is a very important thing to a majority of people. Especially when things are bad, keeping the hope alive will keep despair from taking a breath. The thing about hope,Continue reading “Hope and Faith – What’s The Difference?”

Psalm 110:7 [Holy Bible Study]

“The King will drink from the stream by the road,and strengthened, he will stand victorious.” The above text is from the Good News Bible. I’ve been told that a Good News Bible is more of a paraphrase than a direct translation of the Holy Bible. While I think the phrase “paraphrase” is a bit disrespectfulContinue reading “Psalm 110:7 [Holy Bible Study]”

The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and The News [a Christian perspective]

This song is a perfect way to describe God’s Love. After all, GOD IS LOVE. It is highly doubtful that Huey Lewis and The News knew that they were writing a song that so honestly described the Love of God but they did and now we’re here to talk about it! Line by line –Continue reading “The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and The News [a Christian perspective]”

Dreams Are Modern-Day Parables

Jesus spoke to people in parables very often. Since Jesus is a teacher, we can know for sure that He used these parables for teaching purposes; similar to fables. (The Good News Bible defines a parable as “a story which teaches spiritual truth.”) Something about parables is that they have a tendency to be aContinue reading “Dreams Are Modern-Day Parables”