Proud Of You Standing [poetry]

Proud Of You Standing Faith can be tough                            But stick your landing. The angels will be               Proud of you standing. They won’t tell you what to do. But please know that they are cheering for you! So stay tough and they will eliminate what’s Rough.

Stars Like That [Poetry]

Stars Like That A star that God put on Earth Doesn’t always feel good,                                          Grounded on this turf. Gravity, reality, no time for fantasy. Feeling like you have to choose… But I have some good news, It’s not up to you to win or lose. God knows what He needs you toContinue reading “Stars Like That [Poetry]”

Rapid [Poetry]

Rapid Heaven moves a lot faster than Earth Quick miracles are from God—a birth! Before an image forms, it exists Do the angels rejoice or is it a miss? Uncertainty is a test of faith Pass or fail immediately. But luckily You’ll get another chance, almost certainly.

God Created You [Poetry]

God Created You The angels know this, so should you – God had special things in mind when He created you. Who cares about your hair color or your size, When God put the most special things inside. Think in terms of pretty colors, tastes, and flavors, Personality traits that people like to savor. ThereContinue reading “God Created You [Poetry]”

Be a Spoon [Poetry]

Be A Spoon “The dish ran away with the spoon.” Because the fork couldn’t tell night                                        from Noon. Hold on to blessings. Taste God’s miracles. Be Spiritual.

Moving In Heaven, Moving On Earth [Poetry]

Moving Moving Forward in heaven is different. Moment to moment, no competing or compare. It’s all beautiful.                           It’s all creative. Moving On, on Earth Drags threads from then to now. Comparisons linger. The past can breathe.

Like a Flower (Poetry)

The Kingdom is like               A flower. Holy from roots to petals. If planted into Earth-               She remains holy. Planted in dirt, Her Kingdom is not dirty. She makes her surroundings Feel sparkles And everything comes to life.

Faith as an Action Verb

God created humans with the ability to know the future. Not always in a prophetic way – most of the time, this ability comes out of the recognition of themes and patterns thoughout life. Put another way – we know what’s going to happen based on a memory of what has happened before (in similarContinue reading “Faith as an Action Verb”


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