Hope and Faith – What’s The Difference?

Hope and Faith – Everyone knows these words. They are spoken by optimists everywhere who want you to look on the brighter side.

Keeping “hope” is a very important thing to a majority of people. Especially when things are bad, keeping the hope alive will keep despair from taking a breath.

The thing about hope, though, is that a cloud of uncertainty comes with it. You can hope for tomorrow to be a better day but an ultimate realist will assume that nobody can really know for sure if tomorrow is going to be better or worse, you just hope that it is.

And putting it that way feels pessimistic, doesn’t it. But that’s the nature of hope.

“Hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

So when you say that you hope for something, using the word hope… in a way, that is admitting that you don’t know what’s going to happen for sure but you are really hoping for a good outcome.

Faith is often grouped in with hope because they both rest on the premise that whatever you wish would happen is ultimately out of your control.

Jesus would disagree, though. Only the ones who had faith in Him were able to be healed. He has said several times “your faith has made you well.”

I’d say that the word faith has more in common with the word believe than it does with the word hope.

Anyone can hope but you really have to trust and believe in something for your faith to be real. Real enough to make a difference. A life-changing difference.

A similarity that Hope and Faith have is that they both lean towards what you want to happen. That’s why it’s good to have hope and faith. That’s also why being reasonably optimistic is a good character trait to keep close to you.

This world that God created, it has some bad sides, which all come with human nature. Even God has said it himself.

After the flood, God essentially said, humans are still terrible from birth but I won’t flood them out anymore. Genesis 8:21. (My paraphrase)

We can find some faith in verse 22, luckily. Because God says clearly that there will always be the time for planting and a time for the harvest.

So if you’ve been working hard to plant good seeds, eventually your time to reap your plants will come.

In this way, you don’t have to hope that your hard work will pay off. You can look and see that God says that it will pay off. And since God is amazing and doesn’t lie to us, we can have faith in what God says.

And believing God is the best type of ground to plant your faith into. Thank you Lord. We love you!

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