Dreams Are Modern-Day Parables

Jesus spoke to people in parables very often. Since Jesus is a teacher, we can know for sure that He used these parables for teaching purposes; similar to fables. (The Good News Bible defines a parable as “a story which teaches spiritual truth.”)

Something about parables is that they have a tendency to be a bit thought-provoking.. or confusing, some may say. Even Jesus’ apostles, who had the privilege of having one-on-one conversations with Jesus, were confused by them sometimes.

Luckily Jesus, in His ultimate beauty and patience, would take the time to explain things further.

When Jesus came to Earth, one thing that was accomplished was that the communication that God had directly with His people turned out to become even greater than it was before. What I mean is that, there was no more need for priests to talk to god on their behalf – any human can now talk to God directly.

However, you know how rare it is to have a one-on-one conversation with God. Many, many people want throughout the Bible and even today would give their life to have a face-to-face presence with God. Even King David had a prophet whom God would communicate through. And then His son Solomon also only had about 2 or 3 conversations with God.

But that is about conversations. OF COURSE, God communicates with us in dozens of other ways. For example, we can know that God is with us because of the special moments that we have with Him.

To get back to the topic of Modern-Day Parables:

Jesus has authority over everything in Heaven and on Earth. That includes the spiritual world that in unseen and in between everything. That also includes our dreams.

Dreams are the Modern-Day Parables – They are often confusing and symbolic. If the dreamer does not understand the meaning right away, they will have to seek an authoritative source to teach them the deeper meaning.

God is in control of everything – even the practices that God doesn’t necessarily like, they still belong to Him.

To find out the true meaning of a dream, it is more accurate to ask God directly rather than dream interpretation websites. If you don’t know how God presents Himself then it may be harder to find the answer this way. but remember – If you seek, you will find. Be open to the answer that God gives to you and keep moving forward. 🙂

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