4 Main Angels and How To Work With Them!

There are 4 main angels called ArchAngels, that are generally known as being the most popular ones.

These angels are useful because:

  • God has approved them to be the most well-known and because of this, they are the most accessible.
  • These angels are extremely familiar with human life and so they are well-equipped to handle everything that you load onto them (as opposed to a seraphim, which never come to Earth and only have eyes for God.
  • These ArchAngels are all extensions of God’s wisdom. The angel holds all of God’s wisdom in their particular specialty. That means that they are equipped to teach you these things, if they like you.

If you’re wondering why you should talk to angels instead of talking directly to God.. Well, you can! Go ahead and talk to God all you want, that’s fine.

Also, God will send physical angels to you if he wants to teach you something. It’s like getting a call for a job in the Kingdom of Heaven. God has to determine if you are ready for this.

Some humans, though, are not particularly holy right now and they may have some internal changes that need to be made so that their relationship with God will be stronger.

In that way, the Angels are there to prepare you. And, I’ll tell you this – after you successfully connect with these angels, they will test your faith in God. They’ll do this by scaring you, if they want to see into the truest essence of your heart. To pass the test, all you need to do is trust in God 100%.

This is how an experience will go when people do not trust God enough: the angel will come to you and they may reveal something to you that could be discomforting or scary. This can lead to a fear of angels because you may think that the discomfort is coming from them. But it’s not.

God, The Almighty, is in control of everything. The discomfort is only a test. The test is to see how much you trust God. If you trust him then you know that the angel is not to be feared. You can ask God to protect you and your emotional state.

Now, onto the Angels!

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is great because He is the angel of healing. If you believe in the chakra system – he is the HEART chakra. Instead of seeking to be healed, Archangel Raphael says it will be better to seek to gain God’s love and trust.

Knowing that God trusts you is a good feeling.

You definitely have to be STRONG to allow God’s love to prevail in your thoughts over the other things. How strong are you?

You have to be strong for God to trust you.

The song- THE POWER OF LOVE is a perfect song to learn about God’s love. Okay? Listen to it!

If you want to be a good energy on this Earth – talk about something funny and what makes you smile. Talk about hugs and God’s creations like animals and the millions of different foods on the Earth. Or, you can talk about music and DANCE too.

For people who are lost on how to get happy- meditate with the color green. That’ll allow Raphael to determine if you are sincere.

Being as Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer, it should come as no surprise that reading the New Testament is a good way to meditate with this Angel. Jesus healed so effortlessly and gently. Not only did He heal believers that had physical problems, His teachings also provided healing for people’s relationships with God. God is so pleased with Jesus’ courage – something that we can all aspire to 🙂

Archangel Gabriel

First thing first, Archangel Gabriel would like His name to be pronounced as Gabri-AL.

About Gabriel –

He is the ultimate keeper of God’s history and so He has some foundational things that He wants everyone to know:

  1. The Archangels and Holy Spirit hold all of God’s power. God created his 4 main angels to help him and also to be a little more approachable for the “lay person.” That’s why it SUCKS that people are afraid of Angels. That’s the same as being afraid of GOD. And yes we do see why people fear GOD but if you have a good heart then you shouldn’t have anything to be afraid of, other than how life would be without God.

Archangel Gabriel is pretty cool. He’s the nerdy angel lol In the best way possible! He gives us knowledge of all of the things that we love.

Here is something else that He would want everyone to know:

2. It is all of God’s angels that are responsible for the music in the world. That’s not to say that all of the musicians are angels – because they are not. But it does mean that all hit songs have the influence of Archangel Michael and his army of angels. That’s why it’s hard to forget song lyrics – they are literally powerful. One hit wonder singers are possibly angels who just wanted to do it one time.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL has a wealth of information for the Earth. Spiritual insights that connect the physical with the unseen. He also wants to tell you everything about the subjects that you love. But in order for Him to trust you, God has to trust you so work on that 🙂

One more thing – Archangel Garbriel does not have one specific favorite color because he is all colors.


A Good Way To Earn This Gabriel’s friendship is –

to record your life experiences. Having an organized record of your time also keeps record of your personal revelations. Lately, it can be easy to lose track of what is going on. Something that happened “the other day” could have actually occurred 2 or 3 weeks ago. Some things are more important than others so use this simple rule: If it is important enough to write down, it’s also worth the extra seconds to write down the date, too.

By doing this, you will jump by leaps and bounds where wisdom is concerned. This is also somewhat of a waterslide entry into the Akashic records. All of this depends on how much you respect The Most High God, of course.


Archangel Uriel

This one is nice! I am partially named after him so I have a natural inclination toward him 🙂

About Uriel-

Before God told me his name, I called him Prince Angel 4 because He has expensive taste.

Uriel’s favorite book is KINGS I in the Bible. Reading the description of King Solomon’s temple brings joy to Archangel Uriel.

Uriel is the angel of FIRE! Because of His immense power, He does not work with everyone. He will only come to people who are evolved with their emotional state.

Archangel Uriel has champagne tastes. His favorite color is gold, obviously. Make sure your mind and thought processes are limitless to have a nice visit with him 

Some say that Prince Uriel is the Archangel of wisdom. This is why He doesn’t waste His time with people who are not in control of themselves. It takes wisdom to be able to control yourself when emotions are HOT. Because He is hot – He understands the damage that will be done with people react off of their first emotions. That’s also why Uriel is the lesser-known of the 4 Archangels: uncontrolled fire can destroy many things beyond recognition – good and bad.

How to Communicate with Uriel-

If you want him to look into your heart – read his favorite Bible parts and he’ll use how you feel about it to determine if he likes you! Don’t worry about it.

And then take some time to reflect on what you read – do this without words, if you can.

You will know when an angel connects with you directly but remember they can always hear you!

So after you and Uriel are friends, you can move forward with what you want from Him. If you just want him around then that’s okay I guess. Don’t waste his time by having a lower quality mindset or he will leave you – quickly lol

Lastly – and this applies to all the angels – the reason why you’re reaching out should determine how you spend your time with their beautiful energy.

Archangel Michael

There is a lot that comes with the name Michael. Keep that in mind!

About Michael –

Archangel Michael is the part of God that changes the world. He does not want to be worshiped. That’s because GOD is the power behind Archangel Michael. Only worship GOD.

Archangel Michael is fiercely protective over the ones who He loves.

Who does He love? THE PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW GOD in all their ways.

In a way, Jesus and Michael are best friends in the Kingdom of God. Best friends… brothers… all things through GOD.

Archangel MICHAEL holds the power to change the world. If you follow GOD and things start to go well for you in your personal world, that’s the power of Michael working in your life.

Again, Michael is tired of people who use his name without following GOD’s WORD AND WILL. It’s a lot of people who do that. The grace is thin.

If you are sincere of heart, God’s WILL is your INTUITION. If you have weak will power then your intuition isn’t that great.

Also, Archangel Michael likes the color blue. You can see God uses His influence all over the world. Just look at the blue ocean and the blue sky! That is a lot of blue. And, many, many, many things have occurred under the blue sky.

A personal note is that being sincere is one reason God loves children so much – because they are sincere.

Michael has a reputation of being a general of God’s army. But, remember this:

Vengeance is not ours to serve. Even Michael, though a warrior, called on God when he came to face with the devil.

Living on a high frequency, or desiring to, requires that you lean on God to fight your battles, just as Michael does. God is all powerful and he knows more than us about what other people deserve when it comes to the good in life and the bad deals in life.

Michael encourages us in two main ways: First, he wants us to have courage. Don’t back down if God reveals a new path to you. Remember fortune favors the bold.

Secondly, Archangel Michael likes for us to remember God in all things that we do, say, feel, and think. Even in our dreams, we must respect God as the Creator of everything that we experience.

Arrogance is not favored in any shape or form and having an “I am God” attitude can cause the angels to give you the side-eye. Luckily, a heart-felt apology heals all wounds that can create a divide between you and God. Only though the will of the Almighty God will we be able to accomplish our hearts desires, no matter how big or small those desires may be.

To communicate with Michael – You should really get permission from God. Yes, he hears people who call his name but the best way is to just call on God.

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