3 Easy Ways To Allow God To Get Closer To You!

Our God Almighty – The Most High God – is a Spirit.

This Holy spirit that created the Sun and our Earth likes to share love in environments that he can feel free in.

During a human’s life, thoughts can center around money, sex, gossip, or violence. These are things that God is not particularly enthused with because there is a fine line between what makes these things righteous verses what makes them unrighteous.

For example, sex. Sex is natural and normal when it’s righteous. When it’s unrighteous, it can cause illness, pain, or deception. There is a lot of gray area.

God, however, is not a “gray area” spirit. God is all good, He is all righteous.

(I refer to God as a He because it is easiest for me. However, please note that God is more dynamic than any gender label can box Him into! He created masculine energy and feminine energy because he is everything that he creates.)

Anyway, moving on –

Do you want God to hang out with you more?

As stated, God likes to hang out in pleasant, holy environments. Like His Kingdom is the Most Holy and that’s why he lives there.

God’s spirit also lives in us. So to strengthen that part of us, there are three universal things that we can all do to. They are some easy light sources that are really accessible to everyone on Earth.

1. Get Closer To God With Healthy Foods.

God has created so many foods on this beautiful Earth. And, everyone knows that the key to vibrant health is getting enough vitamins and minerals. All of these vitamin and minerals can be found in the foods that God created – the ones that grow naturally.

Appreciating these foods is an easy easy way to become closer to God. He likes when we have our favorite foods, especially when they are the healthy ones like fruits and vegetables. You really don’t need to eat animals. But if you do, be sure to respect them and treat them kindly. Gods spirit lives in them too. God’s spirit is in everything!

It’s no surprise that eating meaningful amounts of fruits and vegetables (as well as getting enough water) will make us feel better. If you’re familiar with depression and anxiety, or other physical health problems like constipation and stiff joints, you may find that the more fresh fruits that you eat, the less these health problems will have an impact on you. Depression was a problem that I had and when I eat my favorite fruits (mangos, gold kiwis), the depression wanes away. Thank you God 🙂

2. Get Closer To God Through Animals.

I can tell you this as a fact: Animals are one of God’s favorite creations on this Planet Earth. You know how we love cats and dogs as pets? God loves all His animals as pets!

You know how entertaining it is when you just watch animals play around. Animals are AMUSING AND ENTERTAINING and lead interesting lives. Nature shows and documentaries know this all too well.

The easy fact is that God likes when you appreciate His animals.

God isn’t mad that humans eat animals. He just wants us to respect them.

So, what is your favorite animal? What do you like about it? Are there any animals that are similar to it? Explore the animal kingdom! After all, it is a KINGDOM, God is the ultimate royalty and He resides in all kingdoms.

Also don’t forget the aquatic animals. God loves aquatic animals because in some ways, He was able to express more creativity when designing water animals. Water offers types of freedom that land does not. For example, there is no land-animal equivalent to the octopus.

Have fun with it! If you’re awkward around children, talk to them about animals.

Remember, you will never experience the beauty of God if you are not able to be sincere like a child. Animals are easy to be sincere about. Take advantage of this because all of God’s directions are not easy to follow. But what is easy is to appreciate your favorite animal.

3. Get Closer To God With Colors.

Colors are eye candy! Candy adds pleasure to your mouth just like colors add pleasure to your visual experience.

 Using colors to get closer to God. 

An easy place to start is with your favorite colors. They are your favorite for a reason that God has determined. So, don’t shy away from wearing them as often as you want and choosing items that are in your favorite colors. Also you can experiment with different shades and tones as well.

When colors were bring created, God had things in mind for His consideration. Yes, God says that his thoughts and ways are above us so it would take a long time to learn all of the meanings. But the good news is that if we ask God what things mean, he will teach us if we speak his language.

Remember that God is within all of us. You have to believe that to get closer to God.

Realize that God is internal instead of only external. Now get closer to Him by internalizing the colors that he has created.


Meditating is definitely a necessary skill here. You’ll need to meditate with the colors in your visuals. Start with the color green and meditate with it in your head. It’s easier than you think.

Before you begin, say the daily prayer that Jesus taught in Matthew Chapter 6. That way, if you’re scared of meditating, you will get into a holy state of mind before you begin.

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