5 Universal Facts About God’s Angels

Hello There. God’s angels are those heavenly created beings that fly around, mostly invisible. Stereotypically, Angels are known to have feathery wings and a halo around their mind. They may also have a harp in their arms, if you’re the romantic type.

All of that may or may not be true. Because those stereotypes are physical attributes, it really doesn’t matter what an angel physically looks like. With God, it’s all about the essence and spirit.

Now that being said, here are 5 things God told me to tell the world about His angels. Angels are very well known and sometimes they receive more honor than God himself. In the past, it wasn’t that big of a deal because of the fact that Angels are a part of God. However, times have changed and now God is clearing things up about His angels.

One more thing – these 5 facts apply to all angels. They have different jobs (like the ArchAngels do) but in their core, they all have these 5 things about them:

  1. Angels Work For God – Uncorrectly, some humans have the impression that angels work for them. For example, people think that angels bless them or that they can ask angels to grant them things. They’ll only serve man if God says that it is alright. God is first in command and the angels love God more than they love any human on Earth. So it’s funny when some people think they can command Angels to do things because they don’t work that way. Only if that person has been granted that power from God can that happen.
  2. Different Angels Do Different Things – God has a lot of responsibilities. The things that he doesn’t directly touch from his heavenly throne, he will assign managers to take care of them. Usually angels will be guardians over autonomous things. Speaking of guardians, those particular angels are assigned to humans because humans are largely autonomous beings as well.
  3. Angels Are Capable of Direct Communication. Your intuition or “gut feeling” are not angels; that is God Almighty with his hand in your life, hopefully keeping you out of trouble if you listen to Him. But, God wouldn’t necessarily communicate with most people “face-to-face” like he did for Moses because he doesn’t like the hearts and minds of most people. Angels are more likely to take to you like a friend would… Speaking of Moses: In the Old Testament there are plenty of examples of Angels talking directly with people. For me, I talk directly with God in a conversation format and the Angels chime in, usually, to reinforce a point. Their voices sound different than God. However, it is noticeable that many people do not tell people they have direct conversations with God or the Angels. For that reason, I hesitate to tell of my own experiences because they can be seen as abnormal. I am working with God on that. He is my best friend and there is SO much love between us. I am thankful that trusts me to do with website and more.
  4. Angels Are More Selective Than God. Now, it is common knowledge that GOD ALMIGHTY has love for everyone. Anyone on Earth, even bad people, can turn to God for love and He has love to give to them if they are able to receive it. (That doesn’t mean they are saved.) God, the #1 almighty, is more kind than anyone can even perceive. His created beings, like Jesus, the angels, and me and more, they all know that and so they are protective of God. Everyone can’t just come up in God’s face because they’re not worthy. That’s why Jesus protects God when he says “No one can go to God unless I reveal that to Him.” God is AMAZING and like I said, he is my best friend. But this isn’t about me. The Angels are not kind like God is. While God sees the good in everyone, the angels see the good and the bad in everyone. So if they’re influenced by the “evil one” the angels are not going to like you.
  5. Angels Are All-Knowing. At the end of the day, Angels are just a part of God. God knows everything and so the angels do too. That’s why they can warn you about stuff and/or lead you in the correct direction. If you’re into having knowledge, you want the Angels on your side because through them, the Holy Spirit will tell you pretty much anything you’d want to know. It’s not easy to do though. That sort of Godly communication requires that you come from the right place and also it requires you to upkeep or maintain it.

If you’re interested in getting close to angels, maybe you can start by identifying which angels you are drawn to. You should be living as though an angel is looking over your shoulder. Also remember that Angels have high standards and are not forgiving as God is. For example, a weak willpower is understood by God because he is so understanding. However, the angels will not be so understanding because they want you to be stronger than you’re weaknesses.

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