How To Choose The Right Church (3 things!)

Going to the right church is very important when it comes to your relationship with God.

If you belong to the Most High God, he loves you whether or not you go to church.

Physically going to the right church, though, is a SURE WAY to strengthen your relationship with God.

As everyone knows, every church is not created equal. The wrong churches will judge you on your appearance or they may have a pastor that is also a womanizer. Those are not the right places to go because the drama can distract from God’s presence.

On the other hand, the right church will keep God’s presence around you every where you go.

Here are some important things to consider when it comes to attending the right church for you.

  1. The most important thing is how they interpret God’s word in an accurate way. For example, if Jesus the Christ is your shepherd and you know his voice then you will never lose your salvation. If you ever find yourself in a church that tells people that God will turn their back on them if they don’t “act right” then you must run far, far away from that church.
    Nope, you’re not perfect but God loves you just the way that you are. If you do evil stuff then you don’t belong to God and you were never saved anyway.
  2. The right church will not make you feel uncomfortable about what you’re wearing. Some people like to be dressed up for church. Some people feel their best in jeans. Some people may be so depressed that they can only wear sweatpants for 2 weeks straight. Do you know which outfit God likes best? God likes people to be dressed in kindness, understanding, good intentions, and LOVE. GOD couldn’t care less what you are wearing (He like’s every outfit!). An unsaved person may take that as permission to wear something revealing to church but I’m not talking about unsaved people. If you have respect for God’s temple and for the pastor and other church members then you wouldn’t really want to wear something that would cause someone else to sin, anyway. You know what I’m talking about.
    – Along these lines, no other church member should be judging what another person is wearing. If you go to a church that doesn’t like your clothes then find a church that does like your clothes. They are out there.
  3. Consider the Music. This one is least important but still something to consider. That’s because you can listen to music whenever you like. If your church doesn’t play music but God lives with the pastor and inspires his ministry then it’s probably a good idea to stay with the church and bring the music yourself. Maybe they could be waiting for someone passionate like you to start a praise team 🙂

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