Is Incense Holy or Satanic?

The short answer is: it depends on who is burning it!

There are scriptures about God disliking incense. You should understand that God dislikes THEIR INCENSE, not his own personal holy incense.

Now for the long answer:

Obviously, if satan is burning incense then it is a satanic practice. But what about the regular people who purchase incense to clean the air?

Or the marijuana users that buy Blunt Effects big incense in the gas station?

Or the spiritual people who burn incense to honor their various ancestors and/or deities?

What about those people?

What is incense anyway?

Incense can be easily classified as anything that is burned for the purpose of giving off a scent or a vibration.

A vibration meaning, for example, burning lavender flowers so that the atmosphere will become more calming.

The most non-controversial way to burn incense is to burn it with the SINGULAR purpose of adding a fragrance to the air. When you do that, it’s all good and there is no problem with that in the Kingdom of God.

Speaking of that heavenly place, the Kingdom of God, where the Angels praise God all day long, did you know that God burns incense there? He can smell it from his throne.

If there is incense in heaven then clearly it is not a bad thing. After all, God created everything for GOOD. Which is why that singular purpose (mentioned 3 sentences ago) is totally cool to the Creator. After all, God invented incense and God likes nice smells so of course He understands that humans will also like pleasant aromas.

God’s incense is Holy Incense.

The Everyday people who burn incense for an Egyptian musk or cool waters aroma (that don’t have any other agendas) are not really holy but they are far from satanic.

Unless God specifically tells you that he wants you to burn incense for Him, then your incense is not Holy. And yes, God, our almighty creator, will tell you specifically in plain language that you can understand.

Now, the word satanic is a strong word. Let’s be very clear to say that this article is not calling anyone satanic, unless you are satan yourself. Lol

But seriously, what about the spiritual people who burn incense for their ancestors or their deities or their angels?

Well, that’s not a holy practice.

GOD is holy.

Put another way – the only Holy practices are the ones that God tells you to do. That’s more that just incense, that’s everything – and I mean that quite literally.

At this point in time, which is every point at all times really, God is the only ONE (1) who is worthy of praise and worship. He is the only one who is HOLY, unless he gives someone else that status.

God is the only one who has any power, really.

Now there are two things that need to be expounded on, lightly, so that we can wrap up this article and move on to the next one.

First, about ancestors. Sure, honor and respect them if you want. But GOD deserves way more recognition than anyone that you love who has passed away. No disrespect but your ancestors did not create the sun and the Earth. God did that. Make sure you’re not honoring them more than you honor God. He notices. And If you’re reading this then you know better now so do with that what you will.

Secondly, about deities – like angels and the orishas, and the gods of Greek mythology – It would be extremely extreme to call them satanic. The only thing that can really be said about them is that GOD, the 1 God, invented all these little gods and deities. So, would you like to honor the 1 God or the smaller things that he made to help you out?

Remember: GOD IS LIKE THE SUN. All other spiritual systems are the light bulbs and flashlights that help out those who are in darkness. They don’t give you life, they just help you see.

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