Is Astrology Satanic?

Is Astrology satanic?

Not just astrology, actually, but also what about numerology? Tarot cards?

Are you channeling satan by indulging in these practices? NO, not at all.

But, they’re not going to get you into heaven either.

Check this out, okay? Say you have a question and someone answers you in Chinese? But you don’t speak Chinese so you have to find an interpretation for the meaning.

Astrology is like that. Sure, the stars and planets have messages attached to them. Like the Big Dipper or whatever. God created them.

But obviously it’s not in a language native to you. That’s why the really good astrologers study many books for many years. It just doesn’t come naturally.

Some things do come naturally though. And you don’t have to ask around to find out what it means. Like when you receive a nice hug, you don’t need anyone to tell you why it feels good.

The questions and insights that birth charts and tarot cards are consulted for, that’s like getting answers in another language. Sure, you can interpret what it means but that’s like going the long way around to getting the answer.

God is a spirit that is within us. Therefore, God knows everything and the God spirit has the power to reveal everything to you.

But, He doesn’t reveal everything to humans because you guys are not free enough to receive his knowledge in FULL.

Humans can love God all day, and then you will also have thoughts about money, and bills, and gossip, and clothing, and more physical things that hold absolutely no importance in the Kingdom of God.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a nice outfit but God is more concerned with who is in the outfit then what color it is.

Satan can also influence things like tarot cards. If you become attached to them and go to them with all your issues, your weakness is going to allow other influences to answer your questions.

They are not inherently bad BUT now is a good time to put away the outside consultations and turn within to consult God.

The world is doing some new stuff right now. Clearly our social and physical world has new rules. What you should also realize is that the spiritual world has new rules, too.


  1. Thank you for this. I thought it was very straight forward and easy to understand. I was raised southern Baptist and those practices are usually not advised. I do agree with the teriot and never done that but I am 31 just recently coming back to the lord after what some may call a spiritual awakening. Amazing journey btw but also happened onto numerology for the first time and thought I would try one of those free reading, I was very surprised with the accuracy to my personality and goals, like and dislikes. Of course I will always try to find my answers in the word and prayer but this was different for me. It reassured my confidence in myself. I felt more secure in my faith and choices along the way. It also got me thinking about my future and passions, ways I could help others with the skills I already have. I would advise anyone to give it a shot and see what you can learn. It was never a dark or confusing message. Lots of light, hope and positive religious insight came with my reading. There is a lot of Christians who still think this is a satanic practice but I have read scripture where God says that for some answers in life we should turn to the men that studies the stars and planets for (GOD)he is the creator of the universe.


    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing your journey! God bless you! A spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing and numerology in particular I feel is a deeper study into God’s creations because it can apply to many things 🙂


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