What Made Jesus So Great

So you want to be like Big Brother Jesus Christ? That’s a good choice for a role model! He was kind, generally accepting, and he worked miracles. Not to mention, he was the most righteous person to ever walk the land.

Those are all qualities that we should aspire to!

Jesus’s kindness was given to those who deserved it. He blessed children abundantly and was glad to do it because he understood the power of a child’s sincere spirit.

Jesus accepted his disciples and apostles, even though their lack of faith caused him to feel exasperated at times. He still took care of them and still empowered them to work miracles.

Speaking of miracles, Jesus healed many people in their bodies and minds.

Yes, healing people is great but that’s not what made Jesus so great.

Part of Jesus’ greatness is in the fact that he followed Father God’s WILL so seamlessly. He TRUSTED our creator until the very end.

If you want to be like Jesus…. If you told Jesus that you want to be like him, he’d tell you to have faith like he does. Jesus had the ultimate faith in God.

What made Jesus so great was not only his faith, it was the fact that he knew God lived with him. He knew there to be no separation between himself and the creator.

Having no separation between yourself and God is not always the easiest way to frame your mind.

It’s definitely a balance. But, we can still take comfort in the fact that even though Jesus knew himself and God to be one entity, he still referred to God as Father. Because of that, I think humans just have to do the best that we can with having faith and believing in the “unseen”.

So, if you want to be like Jesus, it’s not about how many material objects he had. Being like Jesus comes down to having as much faith as he had! (Or as close to it that you can get).

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